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The Mid-Century Modern Style

How to Identify Architectural Styles in the Washington, DC Area

Washington, DC and the surrounding areas, such as Montgomery County, Maryland, is full of different architectural styles. One such style is mid-century modern. You’ve likely heard of this type of architecture but aren’t sure about specifics and don’t know how to identify it.

What Is Mid-Century Modern Architecture?

What is a mid-century modern house? What are its distinguishing characteristics? Mid-century modern homes are characterized by their:

  • Stone and brick (especially on ranch style houses) on exterior
  • Wood siding, often installed horizontally as clapboard or vertically as a board and batten
  • Low-pitched hip roofing or low-pitched gable, with minimal roof overhangs
  • Picture windows and windows configured in horizontal/linear design
  • Recessed and protected front entry (often embellished with a different cladding material)

Brief Summary of the Mid-Century Modern Style

Modern houses, often referred to as mid-century modern, are finding new respect among homeowners. Typically grouped into two categories, ranch and split-level, these homes date from 1935 – 1975.

Ranch houses originated in Southern California in the 1930s and 1940s and were built close to the ground. The abundance of land led to ranch style houses often being referred to as “ramblers” as they grew in size. As with many American design creations, the style is one of the most eclectic home styles found in the U.S.

Split-level homes are usually designed similarly to a ranch or contemporary style but in the split-level configuration. Popular with home buyers in the 1950s, the split-level style makes efficient use of space in a cost-effective way.

Among admired mid-century residential architects is Charles M. Goodman, whose home designs are found in Alexandria, Virginia (Hollin Hills) and Silver Spring, Maryland at Hammond Wood and Rock Creek Woods. The Wentworth team has also remodeled many mid-century modern homes in Maryland neighborhoods outside of Washington, DC.

Pictures of Mid-Century Modern Homes

Silver Spring, MD


Before Remodel


Mid-Century Modern Home

Garrett Park, MD

Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Silver Spring, MD

Mid-Century Modern Style

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