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Modern Hardware for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Even the smallest pieces in your home can help enhance the overall design. Kitchen and bathroom hardware, for instance, can help provide whatever look you’re going for—whether that’s rustic or modern and minimalist.

Remodeling to modernize your home? You need the right hardware.

Modern Faucet

Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware Ideas

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the best rooms for hardware to play a role in helping enhance your home’s overall style. For a minimalist aesthetic in your kitchen, you may want to think about upgrading both your hardware and your appliances. By incorporating stainless steel appliances, you can achieve a classic look while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

While bronze and black wrought iron work well in rustic and other traditional style variations, modern spaces often feature stainless steel or other neutral colored metal, like nickel or chrome.

  • In both the kitchen and bathroom, light fixtures can truly stand out, no matter the color scheme, style, or size of the room. You have a wide array of options for a chic, modern look, from linear lighting to drum pendants (to provide contrast from the straight lines that define the modern style).
  • Drawer pulls, knobs and handles also help modernize the space and enhance your cabinetry. Modern spaces tend to be more geometric, featuring sharp angles and lines, so tubular drawer pulls can help make a space more contemporary.
  • A taller, hook-shaped faucet can create visual interest at your sink while increasing functionality. A non-rounded vessel faucet (especially combined with a vessel sink) provides a sleek, modern look. Waterfall faucets can also be unique and complement contemporary spaces.

Modern Light Fixtures

In the kitchen and bathroom, hardware can either make a statement or subtly complement the space, whatever you want it to do—it just takes the right products and a thoughtful design. Contact the Wentworth team for help with your remodel. Our award-winning team will guide you every step of the way, including the small details like hardware.

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S.R., Silver Spring, MD