Tips for Modernizing a Home

Modernize Home

Is your home old and outdated? Do you simply wish your traditional house was more modern? Don’t feel like you have to live with a space you don’t truly enjoy—modernizing is easy with the right design-build company as a partner.

If you want to add contemporary touches to your home, try taking each room into consideration and come up with  a plan that way—with the help of an experienced remodeler of course! If you don’t have a big budget, there are small things that can make a big impact. The Wentworth design-build team has experience modernizing older homes in the DC area and coming up with a thoughtful design that meets homeowners’ needs and aesthetic tastes.

How to Modernize an Old House or Traditional Space


As one of the most used rooms in the house, the kitchen is a good place to start—and you have a lot of options for modernizing the kitchen. Many DC area homes have small, cramped, outdated kitchens. Often just a couple small updates, like upgrading your appliances, refacing or repainting your cabinets, or adding decorative contemporary pieces can give your kitchen a new modern look.

Often, though, it may be necessary to (or you may want to):

  • Install minimalist, modern style cabinetry
  • Update the countertops (stainless steel has a sleek, contemporary look)
  • Add a new kitchen island (space permitting)
  • Add a window or door to bring in more natural light

Our team will ask you questions about your lifestyle, needs, and design tastes and work with you to ensure the update will work well with your home and enhance both the appearance and functionality of the kitchen.


The bathroom is another important room. Again, you have a lot of different options, whether you just want to make a few surface-level updates or transform the entire room.

  • Update any old, faded, dull, or dirty tile
  • Update lighting or light fixtures
  • Change outdated faucets to sleek chrome or nickel
  • Bring in a new, modern color scheme—a modern black and white, for instance, or one that uses strategically placed splashes of color
  • Install a new frameless glass shower door

There are many more things you can do than this, but these are some popular techniques for modernizing bathrooms.

Other Rooms

This leaves the living room, dining room, bedrooms, and front hall! In general, keep in mind the following for making modern updates:

  • Try to keep the color scheme neutral while adding pops of color (in throw pillows, curtains, lamp shades, decorative pieces, etc.) to add personality
  • Use furniture with clean, angular lines
  • Modernize your furniture with leather or other voguish materials
  • Use contemporary pendant lights for the foyer


How to Modernize Home Exterior

There are also quite a few things you can do to modernize the exterior of your home!

  • New siding
  • Butterfly roof additions
  • Large windows

The right design-build company will be able to look at your entire space, assess your needs, and help you come up with a plan to modernize your home. If you live in Maryland, DC, or Virginia and want to transform your older, outdated home into a modern masterpiece, view our portfolio and contact the Wentworth design-build team today to get started!

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