Bathroom Remodeling in Northwest DC


Before the Remodel: Plants and
exercise gear surround the rarely
used platform tub; at right, counters
and a single-sink vanity fill a corner
of the bathroom, which has mirrored
walls. There is no shower.

From Online Remodeling Book Chapter 8 “The Luxury (and Challenge) of Extra Space”

It doesn’t often happen that a client’s bathroom has too much space, but such was the case with a cavernous master bathroom in a brick, five-story Northwest Washington, DC house built in 1986. At 14 by 16 feet, this bathroom was the size of a modest living room. Yet its inefficient arrangement and outdated materials made the bathroom feel clumsy, awkward, and empty, rather than luxurious and roomy.

The 9-foot, 6-inch ceiling and large stretches of open floor overwhelmed the existing cabinets and fixtures, leaving them visually adrift in the oversized space. As if that wasn’t enough, the bathroom was also a relic of the 1980s, with gold-plated fixtures, mirrored walls, pink-veined marble, and a massive platform tub, which stood like an altar at the far end of the room.

The owners had never liked the bathroom from the time they bought the house. But with young children to raise, they had other priorities for the first few years. That changed unexpectedly during a family vacation, when a small pipe burst under the sink while they were away. The bathroom was on the fourth floor, so the results were far-reaching. Our team first met the family as we repaired, restored, and replaced water-damaged walls, ceilings, and hardwood floors on the levels below.


Bands of mosaic tile add interest to
this ample shower that includes a
built-in bench, custom showerheads,
and frameless, clear glass enclosure

Ensuring the Bathroom Fits the Homeowners’ Lifestyles

With the rest of the house back in good condition, the couple decided against simply restoring the bathroom where the flood began. Instead, they asked me to develop and then execute a new design for the space, aiming for a more functional, attractive bathroom that better reflected their own tastes.

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M.O., Havre de Grace, MD