Split-Level Home Remodeling in Silver Spring, MD

From Online Remodeling Book Chapter 5: “From Split-Foyer House to Modern Architecture”

Split-Level Home Remodel

For two of my clients with a long-standing interest in modern architecture, replacing an outdated single-car carport with an oversize two-car garage became an occasion to refresh and improve their home’s appearance as well. Their 1960s split-foyer home in Silver Spring, Maryland, was located on a generous two-acre suburban lot that could easily handle a more substantial home, large garage included. As I learned when I met with them, they also wanted to use this moment to add a large front entry porch and a façade with handsome touches, giving their home more presence with a more assertive architectural style.

In designing the addition, we took into consideration the scale and mass of the home, starting with the two-block existing structure, with a two-story bedroom wing on the right and a one-story wing with living spaces on the left. This became the basis for a three-block design in which the new garage is the third block or component.

Split-level homes can feel outdated, and modernizing them can be challenging. However, with the right design, it doesn’t have to be completely renovated and re-built. Want to see how the Wentworth home remodeling team made a split-foyer home look modern without tearing down the walls and completely renovating? Download the eBook!

“ We truly appreciate the time, effort, care and attention to all the details of our renovation that you have provided day to day throughout the project. This note is for you and anyone you might want to share it with. We love the way everything is turning out. ”

Abby B., Georgetown, Washington, DC