Split-Level Home Remodeling | Silver Spring, Maryland (MD)
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Split-Level Home Remodeling in Silver Spring, MD

From Online Remodeling Book Chapter 5: “From Split-Foyer House to Modern Architecture”

Split-Level Home Remodel

For two of my clients with a long-standing interest in modern architecture, replacing an outdated single-car carport with an oversize two-car garage became an occasion to refresh and improve their home’s appearance as well. Their 1960s split-foyer home in Silver Spring, Maryland, was located on a generous two-acre suburban lot that could easily handle a more substantial home, large garage included. As I learned when I met with them, they also wanted to use this moment to add a large front entry porch and a façade with handsome touches, giving their home more presence with a more assertive architectural style.

In designing the addition, we took into consideration the scale and mass of the home, starting with the two-block existing structure, with a two-story bedroom wing on the right and a one-story wing with living spaces on the left. This became the basis for a three-block design in which the new garage is the third block or component.

Split-level homes can feel outdated, and modernizing them can be challenging. However, with the right design, it doesn’t have to be completely renovated and re-built. Want to see how the Wentworth home remodeling team made a split-foyer home look modern without tearing down the walls and completely renovating? Download the eBook!

“ I have LOVED my house and the renovations your team completed last summer! ”

A.J., NW Washington, DC