The Value of Great Powder Room Design

Half Bath Remodeling in Maryland, DC & Virginia

A powder room – a lavatory and toilet located on the first floor of a home and sometimes referred to as a half bath – is a practical and functional amenity for any home. And with a few design embellishments, a powder room can also be an impressive space for guests to use while visiting your home. When it comes to a half bath, having a fully functional space doesn’t mean the design has to be boring. You can express your own style in a small space, while still maintaining the room’s ultimate purpose.

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Powder Room Design

Although today’s powder rooms vary in size and location, powder rooms originated from the larger 19th century Victorian and Edwardian homes when ladies’ lounges and bathrooms were first introduced. These rooms were typically adjacent to a home’s grand foyer and next to a “cloak room” where guests would hang coats while attending a dinner party or visiting the home for another occasion. Then these rooms became a place where ladies could discreetly slip away to “powder their nose” and touch up their makeup.

Powder Rooms Today

Today the powder room is still ideally situated in an unobtrusive location near the home’s foyer, usually somewhere in the front hall area. A powder room should be a place guests and family members can use discreetly, with a large degree of privacy. A powder room near the entry hall allows guests to use the bathroom without venturing into the more private areas of your home.

Should your home lack a proper foyer, it is often possible to tuck a powder room into a first floor area adjacent to a mud room, utility space, or kitchen, so long as it is unobtrusive.

If space isn’t an issue, a larger powder room will impress and provide comfort to guests. A 60 x 96 inch powder room can feel spacious when, in fact, it’s the size of a small full bath. Space is a luxury, and when a large powder room is designed properly, it will add value to your home and have that “wow” factor you may be looking for.

Simple Luxury of Half Bath Remodeling

A powder room is the ideal space for personal expression. Because powder rooms are small, remodeling projects can be cost-effective, and it is easier to be more adventurous in design choices. Whether you want a minimalist look or a more classic and luxurious appearance, a powder room design can incorporate your tastes in a functional way.

Powder Room Remodeling

Upscale materials such as marble and high-end glass tile are popular for powder rooms, and many homeowners use their powder rooms to display art prints or photographs, from the traditional to the contemporary and abstract. Decorative lighting in the form of wall sconces and pendants are also often used in half bath designs. Smaller details, such as nice hand towels for guests, quality soap, and a hook for hanging coats, are also considered proper etiquette in a modern powder room.

Need a New Powder Room Design?

In today’s powder rooms it’s easy to indulge the simple luxuries. If you are looking to remodel your old powder room or need a new powder room design, contact Wentworth, Inc. today to learn more about our bathroom remodeling in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

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