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Remodeled modern kitchen in DC

Modern Kitchen Remodel in Washington, D.C.

Are you intrigued by the idea of a kitchen remodel? Whether your goal is to update style, increase functionality, improve efficiency, or all of the above, Wentworth Studio can make it happen. We proudly offer cost-effective design-build services to help transform your Washington, D.C. kitchen into a haven you are eager to enter.

Take a look at the photos from our recently completed project. The client was seeking more storage and seating in an open-concept kitchen connected to the dining room. We proudly delivered every item on the client’s wish list, all while completing the project on time and staying within budget.

The large galley kitchen opens onto the dining room with a symmetrically placed island. A custom layered drywall ceiling is accentuated with a blue paint color that suggests a tray ceiling without the cost of one.

You can see the large galley kitchen toward the back of the photo, which opens onto the dining room. We installed a custom layered drywall ceiling accented with blue paint to mirror the backsplash tile in the kitchen. This design suggests a high-end tray ceiling without the cost of one. Uninterrupted oak floors also span both rooms to provide continuity.

The 7’ x 3’ island provides ample storage and bar stool seating. Knee space on both sides of the island provides options. During the pandemic, the island serves as an ideal home office. A new wall of glass provides woodland views from the kitchen and dining room.

The custom island is seven feet long and three feet wide, providing ample storage on both sides. There’s even room for barstool seating on both the kitchen and dining room side, allowing the island to serve as a flexible home office. The home overlooks a wooded area, so we installed a new patio door and glass wall to maximize the view.

The new 13’ wide wall opening between the kitchen and dining room was placed symmetrically around the island and works well for social gatherings. The island has a contrasting manmade Quartz countertop.

Before the renovation, the kitchen and dining room were closed off. Now, a new 13-foot-wide opening makes the space far more conducive to social gatherings. We placed the opening symmetrically around the island to beautifully frame the space.

The galley kitchen has 23 linear feet of cabinetry, symmetrically placed to surround a new window. The cabinetry is enhanced with a European textured wood laminate in a two-tone color palette. The long run of countertop utilizes a light-colored manmade quartz. The backsplash is a textured glazed stoneware in a Roman brick pattern.

The kitchen has 23 linear feet of cabinets surrounding a new window. We chose cabinetry enhanced with a European textured wood laminate in a two-tone color palette, which complements the contrasting quartz countertops. The backsplash is made of textured, glazed stoneware in a timeless Roman brick pattern. The six-burner, chef-inspired stovetop and double wall ovens toward the back of the kitchen make it a breeze to cook for a crowd.

Flanking the refrigerator are tall floor-to-ceiling cabinets, which provide ample storage with both a glide-out pantry unit and roll-out shelving. A corner appliance garage can be concealed by a lift-up bypass door.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide ample storage space to the left of the refrigerator. We provided the client with a custom, glide-out pantry unit and roll-out shelving to utilize every square inch to the fullest. We also designed a corner appliance garage to the right of the fridge. The unique, lift-up bypass door provides easy access to the tea and coffee equipment stored inside.

Storage units are unobtrusively hidden behind tall cabinet doors.

As you can see, when all the storage unit doors are closed, the kitchen appears effortlessly neat and tidy. Our choice to extend the cabinets all the way to the ceiling makes them appear particularly unobtrusive.

A corner wet bar with 2nd dishwasher provides an unobtrusive place to store dirty dishes during a dinner party. A pull-out rack conceals olive oils and vinaigrettes. The backsplash is a textured glazed stoneware in a Roman brick pattern.

On the other side of the kitchen, we installed a custom-corner wet bar with a dedicated dishwasher to serve as an inconspicuous place to store dirty glasses during a dinner party. The pull-out rack shown here conceals oil and vinegar bottles in what would otherwise be wasted space.

The 7’ x 3’ island provides ample storage and barstool seating. The island’s manmade quartz countertop provides a dark contrast with the white perimeter quartz countertop. Oak floors give continuity to the spaces.

The grand scale of the oversized island really shines at this angle. Pendant task lights ensure adequate lighting above the counter, while can lights around the perimeter illuminate the workspaces along the wall. We even incorporated under-cabinet lighting to prevent even the slightest shadow.

The passageway between the foyer and the dining room is flanked by an existing fireplace and a new wall niche that mimics the shape of the fire box. A dark woven wall covering gives the niche depth and recalls the kitchen cabinet color.

The passageway between the foyer and the dining room is flanked by the existing brick fireplace and a new wall niche we created to mimic the shape of the firebox. We also included a dark woven wall covering, giving the niche more visual depth and echoing the kitchen cabinets to tie the spaces together.

If you like what you see here, please check out our portfolio to view more projects we’ve done. Then, contact us online or call (240) 383-1226 to schedule a kitchen renovation consultation in Washington, D.C.

“ We had an outstanding experience with Wentworth From the very first stages of planning our renovation, and then throughout the process, we have been very happy with their workmanship, their professionalism and courtesy, and their real pride in their work and the outcome of the project. ”

Tara, Washington, DC