Home Addition & Renovation in Potomac, Maryland

From Online Remodeling Book Chapter 12 “A Trio of Family-Friendly Spaces”

Home Addition Potomac, MD

Sometimes the solutions for a problem kitchen can be found—at least in part—in the rooms next door. A great illustration of this “nearby rooms” strategy was a project that our team completed for a 1970s house in an upscale Potomac, Maryland housing development. By adding a large mudroom while expanding and updating the kitchen and a separate breakfast room, the design created three fresh, airy spaces that seamlessly work together, restoring order, comfort, and more elbow room to an active family’s daily life.

Potomac Home Addition Project Details

The key was to rethink how all of the existing space was used, reallocate it, and then add just enough more, through a modest rear addition, to make the kitchen and its adjacent rooms far more livable. Along the way, thoughtful choices about the exterior details of the addition complemented the home’s Neocolonial style, while enhancing the rear exterior of the house.

Often, the exterior details of an addition are chosen for a single reason: to blend easily and unobtrusively with the original house. For this project, however, we sensed the opportunity to do a little more. The front view of the house was architecturally charming, with interesting detail and good aesthetics. The back wall, by contrast, was flat, plain, and nearly featureless, with hardboard clapboard siding. We envisioned an addition that would add visual interest and detail, while respecting the home’s existing style.

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“ I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the work you designed and oversaw...We are so proud to show the kitchen and family room to friends and relatives, and love their reactions (gasps of awe and jealousy). Mike and Enio were amazing, working so hard -- every single day, beginning at 7am -- and paying such close attention to details I never would have noticed. They clearly treated this job as their "baby," not wanting to cut corners even if they could get away with it...They also were great about cleaning up; I am positive the garage is cleaner now than before this job started! ”

A.C., Bethesda, MD