Basement Finishing, Remodeling & Renovation in DC

Basement Finishing in DC

From Online Remodeling Book Chapter 6: “Finding Potential in an Unfinished Basement”


This unfinished basement room offered storage space,
and not much else, when the project began.

An unfinished basement can often feel like a dark and damp cave, even if the basement is merely used for storage or laundry. But sometimes, with a smart remodel and unique design aesthetic, a basement can become a chic and airy loft-like space. This was the case for a recent 1920s townhouse basement remodeling project in the historic Woodley Park neighborhood of Northwest Washington DC. A family of four, with two young children, wanted to turn their dark and gloomy basement into a multi-functional space with defined areas for play, TV and work. The homeowners specifically wanted an office space with a built-in desk, a laundry closet for their stack washer/dryer, ample storage space and an enclosure to conceal the mechanical equipment.

The Difference Basement Finishing can Make


The basement is almost unrecognizable in its new role
as the center of family life.

Despite its location below ground, the new basement feels like a modern, airy space that maintains the charm from the historic townhouse above…What was once a dark basement with a sloping floor is now a modern, functional and charming space with a leveled floor. The basement is perfect for a family who now doesn’t mind spending a lot of time in the newly remodeled space.

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“ The creative direction, coupled with sure knowledge of how best to elaborate our existing home, added up to extraordinarily good value. ”

Bill S., Washington, DC