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Remodeling Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Custom shelving with pull-out
trays flanks king-sized bed

The Washington, DC area has many small homes. While a small bedroom can seem
frustrating, that can change with a thoughtful design! The right remodeling solutions can transform “cramped and inconvenient” to “creative and beautiful.”

Do you have a small bedroom that needs to be remodeled? The Wentworth team has a lot of experience remodeling older, smaller homes that are commonly found here in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. We will come out to your home and look at your space to help you determine the right design solutions. But in general, there are some things you can consider for your small space.

Small Bedroom Design Tips

There are many ways to make your small bedroom appear more spacious and create a more efficient design:

  • Window: If you have the wall space for it, consider adding an additional window, even a small circular (geometric/special shape) one. Natural light can brighten any room and help make small spaces seem larger.
  • Skylight: Don’t have the wall space for a window? A skylight installed in the ceiling is another great way to let in natural light.
  • Light colors: Along the same lines as the windows, try using lighter colors (white, pale blue, beige, etc.) in your small bedroom. This will help the room seem bigger. Just make sure to offset all the light colors with darker décor pieces so it’s not overwhelming or looks washed out.
  • Swing-arm lamps: Don’t have enough room for a nightstand or bedside table? If so, there are still ways to provide light for bedtime reading—a swing-arm lamp in the wall is one creative solution. It doesn’t require any surfaces that can further clutter the space.
  • Custom shelving: The right shelving solution can provide needed storage without taking up much room. A Chevy Chase, MD bedroom remodel the Wentworth team completed features custom, built-in shelves with pull-out trays. The shelving unit is built into the wall (like a recessed niche), taking up no extra room. Custom shelving under the bed can also help save space.

Design-Build Services in the Washington, DC Area

If you want to remodel your bedroom or master suite, you’re in good hands with the Wentworth team. Browse our portfolio to see past remodels we have done in the area—and contact us today to schedule a consultation!

“ Thank you for all your hard work. I think the kitchen turned out beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the photos! ”

Ann, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC