Home Additions Can Be Both Seamless and Sensitive

Do you want to build an addition to accommodate your growing family? Need more interior space but don’t want to move because you love your home and neighborhood? Whatever your case, a home addition is necessary—but homeowners sometimes have worries associated with this.

Many wonder if additions can be both seamless and sensitive to the home’s original architecture? Yes, they can be.

Our Approaches to Home Additions

Our design/build team approaches each remodeling project with the knowledge that we have two clients:

  • The homeowners we are working for
  • The house we are remodeling

Both have needs to be considered.

Wentworth – Home Additions

We discuss the problems home additions can help solve, the value additions can add, and zoning.

Older homes often need updating in terms of kitchens, bathrooms, and exteriors. We take two approaches to the design of a home’s exterior envelope when remodeling.

Seamless Design

If a home’s exterior architecture is a defined style and the homeowner admires the style of their home, we’ll design an addition (or exterior alteration) that is sympathetic and seamless to the house. Within a homeowner’s budget constraints, a remodel will look original to the older home. We feel it’s important to be respectful of a home’s architectural style and to have our work enhance it. Whatever updated design styles one chooses to utilize the home’s interior for kitchens, bathrooms, and reconfigurations are easily varied in style—after all, the technologies of a home’s kitchen, bathroom, and systems are ever-evolving.

Sensitive Design

When our clients’ preferences or the architecture of the house are better suited to a contemporary-style addition, we carefully plan the design. This design approach is also respectful of a home’s architecture through consideration of the proportions, scale, and materials to arrive at an optimal solution. For example, a minimalistic glassy room addition can be a wonderful architectural complement to a more traditional-style home. A contemporary-style addition provides variety and a homeowner’s personal expression to a home. And with a professional, design and execution provides a timeless home addition.

In the end, it is always good to respect our elder homes.

View our portfolio to see home additions and exterior remodels we have completed in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia—and contact our team about an initial consultation!

“ Rarely will you find a group of people in the remodeling industry who are this committed to high-quality craftsmanship. We've worked on two projects with Wentworth and would gladly do so again. I must first of all compliment their architects for having immense creative talents but also working extremely collaboratively. Some architects simply impose their will and/or style on their clients; not so, with Wentworth. Your space will be uniquely YOURS. In addition, they are the kind of "shop" that views every roadblock or challenge as an added opportunity for great results. Every project has its challenges, but when (the inevitable) problems arose on ours, Wentworth responded with solutions that improved the overall space, making it seem like that had been the plan all along. The commitment for high-quality work extends to their carpenters and project managers, whose eye for detail is a huge asset in the implementation phase. ”

N.T., McLean, VA