Tips for Converting Your Garage into Living Space

Do you wish you had more space in your house but don’t want to build an addition or pick up and move? Love your neighborhood and the style of your home but feel it’s too small to accommodate your growing family? Many homeowners run into this issue, especially here in the Washington, DC area, where space is limited.

Garage Conversion DC

A Washington, DC home’s garage was transformed to living space

But oftentimes, current space is under-utilized. The garage is one example of this. If you hardly ever use your garage, it can present the perfect opportunity for expanding livable space in your home without having to add onto it—or move out of the neighborhood. Over the years, the Wentworth team has seen it all when it comes to garages—from junk and old sporting gear to toys, hardly-used workout equipment, and more. That’s 220 – 500 square feet of under-used space!

Thoughtful Garage Conversions

Are you thinking about converting your garage into a living room, kitchen, or other living area? The potential is unlimited. Unused garages can be turned into:

  • Living rooms
  • Expanded kitchens
  • Breakfast rooms
  • Home offices
  • And more

You’ll need to talk to a professional design-build team to see what’s possible for your home, but in general, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • One-car garages often work best when expanding a kitchen or creating a breakfast room (sometimes the space may be well suited to be converted to a home office or guest room with a bathroom).
  • Opening the wall from the existing house into the former garage can improve the flow of space for more modern, informal lifestyles.
  • The high ceilings of many garages can allow for easy design enhancement with a vaulted or tray ceiling, large custom build-out, etc.
  • A separate heating and cooling system (on its own thermostat) may be necessary.

The Wentworth team will look at your space and provide space reconfiguration suggestions that complement your home, lifestyle, and budget.

Garage Conversion Design-Build in the DC Metropolitan Area

Garage Reconfiguration DC

New bookshelf conceals garage doors

If you need additional living space for your family and are willing to sacrifice garage parking (or storage), converting your garage is a smart way to add a family room, expand a kitchen, create a guest suite, or add another living space without building an addition.

View pictures of a Washington, DC garage conversion project the Wentworth team completed in the Kalorama neighborhood. We converted the home’s garage to a living room, with a coffered beam ceiling and large freestanding bookcase to conceal the garage doors.

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“ I just want to take a moment to let you guys know just how happy we are with the designs. I was fully prepared to be disappointed because I had wild expectations and was incredibly excited. Instead I was blown away by every design you gave us. Any one of the addition designs would have more than satisfied my expectations and the fact I have to choose between them is incredible. Each one is so different but capture everything I wanted...Thank you so much for everything you have done so far. ”

S.R., Silver Spring, MD