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Transitional Kitchen Design: Where Tradition Meets the Modern World

Transitional Kitchen Remodel Services in DC, MD & Northern VA

Transitional style is the perfect match for this award-winning kitchen renovation

Transitional style is the perfect match for this award-winning kitchen renovation

If you want a modern kitchen that still maintains the classic appeal of the traditional style, a transitional kitchen may be the perfect fusion. A transitional kitchen allows you to meld your favorite modern design features with a more traditional look. Most of us, after all, live in a modern world with a fondness for tradition, and there’s no reason your transitional kitchen can’t reflect that world! A truly effective kitchen renovation is eclectic and personal, yet holds together as a thoughtful design.

By definition, transitional kitchen designs feature an architectural style characterized by an older, traditional style blended with the elements of a modern style. These kitchens generally utilize a crisp, clean interpretation of traditional design combined with modern colors, textures, materials and appliances. Because a transitional kitchen design avoids excessive ornament and eschews busy patterns, your new kitchen can easily achieve a balanced composition of the old and the new.

Ultimate Functionality in a Transitional Kitchen Remodel

Modern comforts merge with traditional design elements

Modern comforts merge with
traditional design elements

When designing a new transitional kitchen, function should be the primary focus. Once the Wentworth. design-build team works with you to solve your kitchen’s functional issues, we can help you choose the design features best suited to your home and your personal taste. Although a functional kitchen is a necessity, your new kitchen should feel like it belongs in your home. Our expert kitchen designers will study your home, taking into consideration specific architectural details, moldings, proportions and window and door details. Using details from your home, our design team will then devise a kitchen design that maintains an appropriate balance between your home’s existing character and your desire for a brand new kitchen.

Designing a Transitional Kitchen that Is Uniquely Yours

With the right transitional kitchen design, we can help you develop a space that works perfectly for you. If you like the charm of subway tiles and old-fashioned pendant lighting but still want modern stainless steel appliances, the Wentworth kitchen design team can suggest a seamless design scheme that incorporates the old with the new. With the right design, even a sleek, sculpturally modern kitchen faucet has a place next to subway tiles and stained wood cabinetry. A smart transitional kitchen design will allow you to seamlessly integrate your stylistic preferences without resorting to a pastiche of motifs, materials and design features.

A sleek kitchen fits the homeowner’s lifestyle and the home’s style

A sleek kitchen fits the homeowner’s lifestyle and the home’s style

Transitional kitchens are not only the perfect integration of modern design and traditional details, but transitional kitchens also tend to provide the biggest bang for your buck. The beauty of a transitional kitchen is that it incorporates modern design and the best modern appliances, yet doesn’t fall prey to trends that can become outdated in a short period of time.

Years of experience designing and remodeling kitchens in the Washington, DC area has shown us that transitional kitchen designs are not only beautiful and useful, but are also readily received by future home buyers. In other words, a transitional kitchen design truly is the best of both worlds! If you’re interested in a transitional kitchen design for your home in DC, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Alexandria, Arlington, or a surrounding area, contact Wentworth today.

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