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Custom Kitchen Remodeling in McLean, VA

The kitchen is where your family gathers for meals and visits, so it’s no surprise that kitchen renovations are one of the most popular types of home remodeling projects. A kitchen renovation in your McLean home can help open up your space, providing you with the ideal room for cooking, gathering, and entertaining. Wentworth is the perfect partner for this pursuit. We perform a wide range of custom renovations, whether you have a small kitchen or a sprawling open-plan room. We handle every taste imaginable, from rustic farmhouse remodels to traditional kitchen design.

If you’re ready to turn your kitchen into the space of your dreams, Wentworth is the company to have at your side. Call us to schedule a consultation at 240-383-1226.

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Custom Kitchen Design

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The best kitchens are designed according to the habits, stylistic preferences, and households of those who will be using them. That’s why the Wentworth team approaches every renovation as the unique project it is. The better we can get to know you, the better results we can achieve, so we ask a few core questions of our clients:

  • How do you use your kitchen? Do you need a modern kitchen design that accommodates one chef or several? Do you host dinners in your kitchen? Do you host large, formal dinners or small, intimate ones?
  • What are your seating preferences? Do you want an island-style with barstools or a comfy banquette table? Do you require multifunctional homework seating?
  • Is it possible to enlarge or reconfigure this space?
  • What are your custom cabinetry needs? Do you need plenty of cupboard space? Do you dream of having the sprawling surfaces of a professional chef?
  • What architectural and decor styles exist in your home? What is your dream aesthetic?

Our custom kitchen design process will ensure that your room fits your life and tastes. We perform everything from townhouse kitchen remodeling to small kitchen renovations. We can even handle the most challenging rowhouse kitchen remodeling projects.

The Wentworth Kitchen Remodeling Process

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Wentworth has developed a unique remodeling process that incorporates every stage, from the initial inspiration to the laying of the final tile. With us, you don’t need to involve an architect or designer. We’ll take care of those roles ourselves. We’ll even handle small details like appliance selection, demolition, and permits. Our design-build process is structured into important steps:

  • We’ll workshop your goals with you and create a preliminary design concept. We’ll also find out more about your desired investment amount and create a conceptual budget.
  • We’ll turn your dreams into a full design presentation that incorporates your drawings, samples, elevation, and cost estimates.
  • We’ll nail down your specifications into final drawings so that you can reassess them. Once you’ve given your approval, we’ll draw up a contract.
  • We’ll finish your permit drawings and apply for the necessary building permits. Then, we’ll start the renovation.
  • Once the construction is completed, we’ll do a formal walk-through to make sure you’re happy with every detail.

McLean Kitchen Ideas and Tips

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Kitchen trends come and go, but even the oldest homes need to adapt to a contemporary lifestyle. The best transformations come from homeowners who are willing to explore their highest decor ambitions. The more you dream, the better your results will be. Our most popular features include:

For design inspiration, check out some modern kitchen remodels we’ve completed and view our gallery.

It’s time to turn your kitchen dreams into a reality, and Wentworth is the perfect partner on this exciting journey. Start your design process today by calling 240-383-1226.

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