Revitalizing Your Kitchen: A Post-Pandemic Guide
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Revitalizing Your Kitchen: A Post-Pandemic Guide

In the 1990s, the kitchen firmly established itself as a pivotal element of home design. It emerged as the heart of daily life, even more so after the 2020 global pandemic. As we navigate remodeling these essential spaces, the blend of design and utility has never been more imperative.

We invite you to join us for our round-table discussions as we share post-pandemic client requests. Our clients wished to refine their kitchens to be places of culinary endeavor and versatile, functional hubs.

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The ask: “My kitchen must have functionality and style.”

Wentworth: Post-COVID, the kitchen has assumed many roles. It’s a place for meal prep and remote work, and it sometimes serves as a pseudo-classroom.

When deciding on your kitchen’s needs, reflect on what’s important for your lifestyle. Are state-of-the-art appliances needed for gourmet cooking at home? Perhaps you need an expansive island that offers a versatile workspace and a casual dining area?

While tempting, the allure of high-end appliances should be weighed against the space’s overall utility and versatility.

Opt for elements that enhance the kitchen’s functionality, such as thoughtful lighting solutions, durable yet elegant countertops, or an artistic backsplash that anchors the room’s aesthetic. We also recommend under-cabinet lighting and electrical outlets —  lots of outlets.

The ask: “My kitchen needs to feel and look clean, even when my house is hectic.”

Wentworth: This is a conversation around quality and durability. In a post-pandemic world, where the durability of surfaces and cleanliness have taken center stage, settling for builder-grade materials is a missed opportunity.

High-quality surfaces, antimicrobial countertops, and fixtures that withstand the rigors of daily use elevate the kitchen’s functionality and ensure its longevity. These elements become especially significant in a space serving multiple purposes, from cooking to conferencing.

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The ask: “I have some ideas — but what are some useful trends you’re seeing?”

Wentworth: Our clients want to elevate their kitchens with professional insight. Embarking on a kitchen renovation requires a reasonable balance between aspiration and affordability. Collaborating with design professionals will uncover innovative features, avant-garde materials, and sophisticated finishes that one might not have considered but now find indispensable.

The intricacy of kitchen renovations with plumbing, electrical, and structural alterations necessitates the expertise of seasoned professionals. A design-build firm that resonates with your aesthetic and functional aspirations can transform ideas into a tangible living space perfectly tailored to your needs.

You can trust our research and experience to navigate the complexities of construction, ensuring a seamless, efficient kitchen transformation.

The ask: “We want to save time and money with a kitchen that will make me want to cook, and my family want to eat at home more.”

Wentworth: As the world has adapted to living with COVID-19 and restrictions have lifted, the question arises: Are people cooking more at home post-COVID, or has there been a return to pre-pandemic habits?

The extent to which people cook varies widely and depends on several factors, including personal preferences, lifestyle changes, and economic circumstances.

However, creating a comfortable space that suits you and your family’s habits and aesthetics can almost guarantee that you will want to spend more time at home as the chef.

The ask: “I need practical and intentional storage solutions.”

Wentworth: Our clients want things off the counters and tucked away unless they are on open shelving that allows for displaying favorite dishes, plants, and recipe books. Incorporating adaptable design features becomes imperative as we reshape kitchens to cater to a broader scope of activities.

Consider innovative storage solutions that can easily be reconfigured to suit changing needs — from a bustling cooking area to a serene workspace. Here are a few popular trends:


kitchen with light wood floor-to-ceiling cabinets that slide out

The ask: “I want a sustainable kitchen.”

Wentworth: Sustainability is a growing concern among homeowners, influencing many kitchen trends. Eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo and recycled wood, are being used for cabinets and shelves, reflecting a commitment to sustainability in kitchen design.

The Bottom Line:

Your kitchen remodeling journey is an opportunity to craft a truly multifunctional haven that reflects your style and the evolving dynamics of home life.

With thoughtful planning, a collaborative approach, and an emphasis on quality and functionality, the result will be a space that not only meets the culinary demands of the modern family but also stands as a testament to resilience and innovation in design — making every moment spent in it genuinely worthwhile.

At Wentworth, we can help you transform your kitchen into the ideal space for you and your loved ones. Call us or reach out online to learn more

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