“Well Dressed” Wentworth Carpenters

Optimal Safety & Reliable Performance: Always Prepared During Construction

Here at Wentworth, we love seeing the final results of a remodeling or home addition project—and hearing how much the homeowners are enjoying their new space. But just as important as the end product is the construction phase.

It can get messy and chaotic during construction, but one thing remains constant, no matter the scope or size of the project: always being prepared and making safety a priority.

What Do Our Carpenters Wear?

Wentworth CarpenterWhatever the project details—whether it’s a kitchen addition, master bathroom update, or whole-house remodel—Wentworth carpenters are always prepared with the right equipment and dressed for safety. Meet Michael (pictured), one of our fantastic carpenters! He is wearing:

  • Full leather steel-toed boots
  • 12-ounce heavyweight cotton Carhartt heavy-duty pants (they have reinforced pockets and room for knee pads, offer storage for tools such as hammers, and do not rip or tear easily)
  • Husky tool belt to hold work gloves, box cutters, and more
  • Stanley FATMAX® tape measure
  • Wentworth t-shirt
  • Safety glasses

Our carpenters create amazing products, and having the right tools and clothing for safety help ensure smooth, hassle-free operation from start to finish.

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“ I just want to take a moment to let you guys know just how happy we are with the designs. I was fully prepared to be disappointed because I had wild expectations and was incredibly excited. Instead I was blown away by every design you gave us. Any one of the addition designs would have more than satisfied my expectations and the fact I have to choose between them is incredible. Each one is so different but capture everything I wanted...Thank you so much for everything you have done so far. ”

S.R., Silver Spring, MD