Small Kitchen Remodeling

A seamless integration of living and dining space

A seamless integration of living and dining space

Are you frustrated with your cramped kitchen and feel it could stand to use more space and a new design? Small kitchens – particularly in historic Washington, DC area townhouses – are typically a cause for complaint from most homeowners, and it’s no surprise that Washingtonians often want their kitchen to be compatible with their on-the-go lifestyles.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Tips

A small kitchen remodel and reconfiguration is the perfect opportunity to upgrade an outdated kitchen and to efficiently add space where there seems to be none. When a home has a small kitchen, it’s absolutely critical to use every square inch of space in the most efficient way. Although a professional kitchen designer and architect can enhance and upgrade a small kitchen, a homeowner should remain realistic about the limitations of their small space. Small kitchens may not have room for side-by-side refrigerators and freezer units, but a creative and smart kitchen design can give a homeowner the best possible kitchen, even with a limited amount of space.

When a busy family with two infants contacted Wentworth, Inc. about their 13-foot wide Dupont Circle urban row house and cramped kitchen, our design-build team knew it would be a challenge to design and build a dream kitchen to fit the homeowners’ lifestyle. For this particular home, as is the case with many urban row houses, the living space is on a different floor than the kitchen and dining room. The home’s current configuration did not optimally suit the family’s lifestyle, and the homeowners asked Wentworth to design and construct a space that would seamlessly incorporate living, dining and cooking on one floor. By utilizing every square inch of space, Wentworth delivered a successful small kitchen remodel, providing an ample kitchen work triangle, appropriate storage and informal living area.

A custom drop leaf table provides a unique dining space in a once cramped kitchen

A custom drop leaf table provides a unique dining space in a once cramped kitchen

In order to open up the space in the homeowner’s kitchen, we removed the walls to create an integrated living and dining space. The use of frameless cabinets reduced kitchen clutter while maximizing storage space, and a 6-foot long kitchen island was uniquely designed to house a sink and dishwasher, as well as a custom table with a drop leaf that seats 6 when extended. Storage issues were solved with a 12-inch deep, full height storage wall placed opposite the island. Although storage was important to the homeowners, we broke up the cabinets with a fun and functional feature: a chalkboard wall where messages could be left for family members and where the children can play and draw art without making a mess. The open kitchen flows into an informal living space, proving that by opting for a well-designed small kitchen remodel you can get big results.

Small or Galley Kitchen Remodeling in Washington, DC

When it comes to kitchens, bigger is not always better! Your tiny kitchen can still be beautiful and completely functional. If you are interested in small kitchen remodeling in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia, contact Wentworth today. From galley kitchens to small, irregular shaped spaces, we have done it all.

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