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How to Improve the Façade of a House

Improve Home Facade

How does the front of your home look? Is it old and outdated? Are you unhappy with the way it looks? Do you wish your home better reflected your personality? If so, it may be time for a façade makeover!

Updating the front of your home can increase its curb appeal and value—and Wentworth has extensive experience updating homes here in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We can modernize outdated homes and enhance the façade of period style homes.

Tips for How to Improve the Front of Your House

The façade of your home is the first thing guests see when they visit so it’s important that it looks beautiful and makes a good first impression. From our years of experience renovating the exteriors of homes, we have some tips you can use if you’ve been thinking about improving the front of your home.

Custom Details

Do you wish your home had more “you”? Nothing turns a house into a home more than custom home details do! Personalizing your home’s façade can include anything from new porch railings to architectural columns to an arched marquee above the front door. The Wentworth team has added all kinds of custom details to the exterior of homes—even a custom wall mural! Feel free to view our custom details photo gallery to see specific projects we have completed.

Modern Touches

If your home is outdated and you want a more contemporary look for the façade, here are a few things you can do to modernize it:

  • Large (even floor-to-ceiling) windows
  • Porch with modern furniture
  • New siding
  • Sharp angles and lines that complement the contemporary style

New Siding

Improve Home Exterior

New siding on a home goes a long way. Have a period style home and want siding that is true to that particular era? For example, on Colonial Revival homes, clapboard—or paintable, cementitious wood that resembles hardwood but lasts longer—lends authenticity. A mix of different materials is an element of the bungalow style (we’ve used a combination of aluminum siding and siding with a board-and-batten look).

Exterior Home Remodeling in the DC Area

The Wentworth team has updated the exteriors of many homes in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia and can help you improve the front of your home! Please contact us to learn more about our award-winning remodeling services.

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