1010 | Wentworth

Adjoining Condos Combined

Northwest Washington, DC (CityCenterDC)

The kitchen island features a breakfast bar with table-height seating. The full-height partition that screens the kitchen from the dining area is clad in herringbone marble tile and allows the condo to remain open but screens the cooking area.
The view from the kitchen’s breakfast bar into the CityCenterDC courtyard. Visible beyond is the living room’s 23 by 4 foot glass bay.
Merging the two condos allowed for a living/dining space of 728 sq. feet. Floor-to-ceiling windows wrap two sides of the living space with views of the CityCenter courtyard. The wall that formerly divided the two adjoining condos was located just beyond the dining table at the bulkhead.
A custom sliding barn door with a stainless-steel track adds a bit of character and provides privacy for visiting guests.
Looking towards the kitchen from the main living space. New white oak flooring was installed throughout the condo. To level the existing concrete floor slab, liquid leveler was poured to eliminate imperfections.